The Ferris Wheel

19th of July at Johnny’s Pier Amusement Park, Monday, just a few people are around and no riders this time. My turns have never been so different until the 12th. The engine just suddenly stopped and I am slowing down. Well, I thought it’s the usual stop. That kids with their dads will board and […]

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We do not really know “completeness”. Sometimes we ask for completeness but we never realize we are asking for nothingness. Because completeness is nothingness. And incompleteness gives plants the reason to produce more oxygen… it gives the sun a reason to come back and rise again after the sunset, the night, the dawn, and darkness. […]

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The Vase Breaker

Breaking your mom’s porcelain or glass vase is a very catastrophic—uhmm.. I don’t know. Like your house just suddenly became the Supreme Court of Justice. And automatically be proven guilty. And you’ll get yourself imprisoned into the four-walled house for a lifetime. And the worst part, you don’t get to eat mom’s home-made chocolate chip […]

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